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Installation and Configuration

Database Services recognizes that the proper installation and configuration of Microsoft’s SQL Server database software is no trivial task. Microsoft’s SQL Server software consists of numerous components numerous components and configuration options, among which some are not reversible and may encounter significant implications on the way your database performs.

Database Services staff possesses tremendous skills and reference experiences that are prerequisites to complete an efficient, successful and well-organized installation. In the process of recognizing and gaining profound insight into the crucial installation decisions, we could be immense help to you in strategically planning the installation and determining the appropriate system resources required for optimal performance. Furthermore, we help you follow Microsoft’s SQL Server-recommended best practices and efficiently configure the software.

Application Integration / Data Migration

Database services offer both application integration and data migration services. The integration services are generally advisory in nature with an emphasis on educating your development staff at the best prospective approaches for enabling them to make best utilization of new structured data and/or new database features.

Data Migration services of Database services offer clients the comfort of using well-versed staff to perform some of the most sensitive tasks. Database Services, Inc collaborates with the client’s staff with a view to migrate the existing applications or data to other vital database vendors such as from MS SQL Server or IBM DB2 to an Oracle platform and vice versa. These tasks encompass ensuring proper data type conversions and database settings, further implementing the appropriate database and table space configurations, among other things.

Performance Audits and Tuning

Database Services performance enhancement services execute with key focus on maximizing the efficiency of your existing hardware & software resources. Our highly skilled consultants perform a detailed review of your database systems and the applications that run against them. We evaluate your storage infrastructure, database structures, application utilization patterns, memory sizing and consumption. Consequently, we thoroughly examine your use of database indices and the appropriateness of your index types.

Once we are done with complete and detailed analysis, we collaborate with your system administrators, DBA’s and developers so as to meet cost-effective and expedient performance enhancement solutions. Furthermore, we offer customized training session for your DBA and/or development staff with major emphasis on accurate index tuning, SQL evaluation and SQL tuning techniques.

Disaster Readiness Audits

Having worked with a number Fortune 100 in “down database” situations, Database Services, Inc staff has taken initiative to admire the crucial financial and personal impacts thereby asserted that a scenario of this kind can be created directly. With proven-record of performing a chunk of such database recoveries, we have developed a critical eye in detail for weaknesses and/or missing links in the typical back-up and recovery approaches.

We apply this noteworthy perspective thoroughly, besides we possess over 6 years of meticulous expertise and experience in analysis of your configurations, assumptions and plans. Shortly after the analysis gets over, we furnish the clients with a written statement comprising findings and thoughtful recommendations with a view to address each client’s unique needs.

Back up & Recovery

The Back-up and Recovery Service involves one or more Database Services consultants working either through onsite or remotely to implement an enterprise quality and Oracle recommended procedure for ensuring that, in the event of a Catastrophe, your data can be quickly, safely and completely recovered. Database services initially reviews how the database is, precisely, used by existing and upcoming applications.

The process is followed by analysis of existing IT resources and Backup strategies are carried out subsequently. Once all relevant and required information is collected, Database Services, Inc will design and execute a custom-tailored, multi-tiered Oracle Backup and Recovery strategy. Eventually, before assuming the job is done, Database Services, Inc performs rigorous failure and recovery testing so as to ensure that all implemented recovery processes are halted under authentic failure scenarios.

It is ever advisable that the customer contracts with the Database Services on a semi-annual basis, which enables the backup solution have reviewed and tested for increased and constant efficacy.

Our Specific Skill sets
  • SQL Database Optimization
  • SQL Server Backups and Restores
  • SQL Server Re-indexes and Defrags
  • SQL Server Integrity checks
  • SQL Server Clustering
  • SQL Server Data Warehousing
  • SQL Server Replications
Key Features
  • 7 x 24 x 365 Support
  • Installation, upgrades, migrations..
  • Daily, proactive monitoring & administration
  • Fast, efficient response to database events
  • High Database Availability
  • Backup and recovery planning
  • Disaster recovery analysis and testing
  • OS & SQL Server performance monitoring
  • Application tuning and troubleshooting
  • T-SQL scripting and development
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